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Growing Wolfberry

Fresh Wolfberry

Airing Wolfberry

A Grade

B Grade

C Grade

D Grade

E Grade

Wolfberry overview: Wolfberry belongs to family of  Solanaceae, is the Medicinal and Edible Plants, traditional medicine that the Chinese wolfberry can nourish yin and supplement kidney, brighten eyes, and strangthen helath . modern scientific analysis of the main component of Chinese wolfberry are: Lycium barbarum polysaccharides, carotenoids, betaine, fatty acids, trace elements, trace elements Ctheir pharmacological effect is manifested in the body's immune function, anti-aging, anti-cancer, lowering blood pressure, lower blood sugar. Ningxia wolfberry is the origin , varieties grown in Ningxia only is the the best.

Specification : five grade ;

      A GradeG180granulesX210 granules/50 G

      B GradeG220 granules -240 granules/50G

      C Grade G280 granules/50G

      D GradeG370 granules/50G

      E GradeG580 granules/50G


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