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  Weizhou International co., Ltd is a division of KEN-DING group that is a fast growing global organization with some branch world. The soft Ice cream is a subsidiary of weizhou Co. Innovation is the key tp weizhou's success, therefore R&D is a high priority to ensure that the produce line satisfies market. Demands for both and tomorrow. Extensive capital rescoures have been invested in R&D center. With a network of domestic and overseas universities helping to develop systems fro formula, design, inspection and produce techniques.

  Weizhou believe that quality, competitive pricing, honesty and service are the foundations of building efficient working relationships throughout the supply chain. Internal systems are continually reviewed and improved in order to maintain these core foundations in an ever changing marketplace. Furthermore, an ISO quality management system is implemented throughout the organization to ensure that all products exceed client expectations.


Our products as following :

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Soft Ice Cream Machines























Batch freezer ( hard ) Ice Cream Machine

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The Anatomy of our machines ...

The Hopper

The storage tank that keeps the mix fresh

before production. It can come in 6.5 or 

12 L depending on the model.


The Cooling Cylinders

This is where the ice cream is produced. 

Weizhou Patented evaporation technique 

has been applied to ensure an efficient

cooling process.






The Compressor

This is the main reference system that is

involved in the freezing process of the 

ice cream
















The Gear Reducer

Controls the speed of the beaters to ensure 

the consistent quality of the final products


The Motor

The engine which drives the beaters in 

the cooling cylinder.





The Pre-Cooling Compressor

This is a completely separate refrigeration

system that is used to control the central

temperature in the hopper. The system keeps 

the temp between 2 and 7 C complying with 

EU food safety standards









* All 2nd generation machines include an improved control systems with the following functions:

- Voltage and current Display

- Ice Cream Counter

- Indication that the high or low voltage protection has been triggered

- Special protection against frozen cylinder

- low level indicator of the mix



Technical Features Machine arts

Air pump : the main function of the air pump is to increase the aeration 

(air content) of the ice cream.

This will results in manufacturing a lighter and smoother ice cream and generating a higher profits margin from the raw material. Our air pump 

is able to provide up to 70% aeration which is largely sufficient to satisfy demand.

Pre-cooling system: In order to minimize bacteria growth in the hopper and to keep the ice cream mix fresh, a special refrigeration system for the hopper tank can be installed. This system is controlled by a thermostat and will ensure that the temperature in the hopper is always comprised between 2 and 7 C degree.

Phase converter ; By installed a transducer, It is possible to use a three-phase motor even if the input power is one-phase. This three-phase motor will enable you to prolong the lifetime of the motor and the machine, reduce the vibrations and lower the noise level of the machine.



Compressor  In order to ensure the quality of our machine, we only use top brands compressors. ( ACO, DANFOSS and ASPERA )

Beater : you can find our patented designed beaters in all our machines. They are made in stainless steel and POM plastic, for high endurance and good mixing ability.

Consumable parts : the O-rings and other gaskets should be changed three months in order to maintain the machine efficiency and to prevent leakage. parts like the design cap and the capacitance usually needs to be changed once every year.

Business :

Which machines should you Buy ?

If your sales are at peak, then you should buy a machine with a high production capacity and an air pump so the production rate would be higher and the profits from raw material at maximum. If your sales are lower, then buying smaller models equipped with pre-cooling systems should be considered.


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