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Comprehensive Plastic Making machine







*     Extruding plastic ( LDPE, HDPE, PP ) machine

*     Automatic high speed, doubling for LDPE, HDPE blown film machine

*     Plastic bag making machine

*     Blow molding machine

*     Tape extrusion making machine

*     Plastic (PVC) pipe making machine

*     PE floor sheet making machine

*     PVC/PE sheet making machine

*     PVC artificial leather processing equipment

*     Plastic scrap recycle material making machine

*     Plastic printing machine

*     Ultrasonic plastic welding machine

*    HDPE film making machine

*    PVC rigid making machine

*    PP/PSPE sheet making machine

*     Plastic injection molding machine

*    Automatic PP & PE woven bag, heat-cutting, sewing-printing processing machine

*     Plastic Bottle making machines



We are an manufacturer and exporter of Comprehensive Plastic Making machine. If you are interested to buy our products, kindly please don¡¦t hesitate contact us, we would like to provide further specification and price for you soonest.



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