The DUPLEX are cutter bars with double reciprocating action, blade and teeth that move simultaneously in an opposed way, thus permitting the machine to optimise performance and comfort, reducing consumption and maintenance interventions.
Two different types of teeth are available: double-finger Gold type and three fingers ST type. The ST type is recommended for ground littered with stones. The low power absorption, limited weight and features of the frame also allow them to be used with low power tractors as well as on caterpillar machines.

The hydraulic lifting supplied as standard allows to work without problems from + 90° (namely vertically) to – 35°, with respect to the horizontal plane.

The self-adjusting flexible knife clips keep the best "scissors" cutting condition constant in time, thus allowing the troublesome manual adjustments typical of the bars currently on the market to be avoided, providing a perfect cut without clogging or snagging.

機  型

DUPLEX 168 cm DUPLEX 182 cm DUPLEX 212 cm
割草寬度 cm. 168 182 212
鋸齒式刀片數 22 24 28
機器重量   kg. 245 260 275
所需曳引機 PTO (kw/hp) 15 / 20
Self-adjusting blade clips serial
Wear-resistant steel skids serial
液壓舉收設置 Hydraulic, by single effect distributor from the tractor
舉收角度 High 90°/ Low 35°
Adjusting the ground load serial
Spare blade serial
Cardan shaft serial
Safety uncoupling serial

* 以上規格僅供參考,隨時有變更不另行通知,交貨時以原廠為準



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